Friday, October 17, 2008

Swallow words one by one
Why, Ting Tings? Why must your music be so infectious? As I write this I have 'Great DJ' blaring in my ears and I have to say, that duo has an awesome sound and their songs just stick in your head forever. I love 'That's Not My Name'. Let that be a warning to everyone: don't be shy and anonymous, otherwise you're just asking for awkward moments. In the mean time, check these out:

School Dayz
So today I finally got my application in for the Loran Award, this amazing scholarship granted to Canadian students looking to study at one of the major Canadian (or just Ontarian?) universities. It's valued at something like $16, 000 a year, which is incredible. That's 90% of tuition and residence fees paid off with one check. But competition is stiff. The winners are typically people who started charities when they were twelve or taught the blind how to play the piano.

Today I finished filling out my Millennium Excellence Award scholarship application. It didn't take that long since I already had many of the answers finished because it had many questions in common with the Loran Award application. I think that my chances are pretty good with this one. Why? Well, my beloved friend Sidra said so, and her word is gospel. Well, when it comes to scholarships anyways.

I don't know why I seem the be the only one of my friends who is focusing on scholarships. I guess they're all having trouble finding ones this early because most of the early ones are for leadership and community involvement. Their time will come.

Fashion U

Teen Vogue Fashion University is a mere week away and, as should be expected, my excitement is mounting by the hour! I still need to 1) get my camera from my mother's house, 2) look up the weather in New York City for this time of year and 3) decide what I'll be wearing. If I don't decide this weekend I'll end up carting off nothing but a dufflebag full of laundry and a stick of Tide-to-go.

On Friday some of the girls and I are going to Carmines for dinner before The Whigs concert and then we're going to Max Brenner for dessert. How will you be able to recognize us? We'll be the impeccably dressed young women in killer heels and vintage dresses pretending to be old friends. If you're lucky enough to be going, I look forward to seeing you! If not, there's always next year. Besides, I plan to post plenty of pictures!

Tomorrow I'm being dragged out of bed at 9:00 am so that I can meet the wonderful girls on Prom Committee at 10:30 am so that we can look at halls for almost five hours. I hope this goes well and that Shanell doesn't mind me sleeping in her car when we're in tranist. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

Our prom theme is Shakespeare which thrills me because it was my idea. I love when things are big and theatrical, so I know that this theme will be perfect. That is, unless our funding remains limitied and impossible to work with. Well, it's still early so we have plenty of time to fundraise.
Okay, good night. Allyssia loves you.

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