Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New York, I love you

Guess who's back?

Canada's most beloved fashionista is finally back in her home and native land and is she ever glad!

Looking back on my last post, I was very, very unfair to New York City. I actually love it now. I think it's the fact that it was my first night that influenced my views so negatively. So NYC, I'M SORRY! You are a wonderful, albeit dirty and overpopulated city with a lot to offer. I hope to go back soon. I'm thinking of getting an internship there over the summer, either at a design studio or a magazine. We'll see.

Fashion U Recap

Okay. Here we go:

Tory Burch Seminar: Though she's stunning for a mother of three, she didn't seem very relatable, primarily due to the fact that she went on and on about her family's wealth yet tried to make it seem as though she had a long and difficult path to success. Also, I didn't like that when she began her foray into fashion, she did so with a complete lifestyle brand and retail store. Those kinds of things just seem like cash grabs to me, especially when the person heading the initiative has to extreme experience in the production of any of the goods that they're choosing to sell.

The Editors Seminar: Infinitely useful! They were all interesting and had distinct personalities. They answered questions frankly, never trying to get our hopes to high, or painting some sort of unrealistic picture. I even managed to get the e-mail addresses of two of the editors, in case I had any questions or wanted to apply for an internship.

Peter Som: I like him! He was so friendly and friendly. He walked us through the creative and production processes, showing his own sketches and garments as examples. He was also really funny, which I liked.

Proenza Schouler: Brilliant. They [designers Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McColl] were so funny and laid-back, not to mention very cute. They had a lot of cute anecdotes and gave great advice for people looking to get into the world of fashion. But above all, they seemed really genuine and fun. At no point did it seem as though they took themselves too seriously. I loved their designs, and now I love them too.

Okay, that's all for now. I have to go fulfill some domestic duties. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow. xoxo

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