Friday, October 24, 2008

New York New York: It's Hell in a town!

Them VS Us

My first night in New York has not been fabulous. If anything, it has made me appreciate my home and native land more than ever. Here are the top ten differences between New York City and the place that I'm from.

10. Our water is somewhat blue. NYC water is black.
9. Our city is busy. NYC is bustling.
8. Our Coke is sweet. NYC Coke causes diabetes.
7. Our sidewalks are fairly clean. NYC sidewalks are filled with the overflow of garbage cans.
6. Our bad Sales Associates are incompetent. Bad Sales Associates from NYC scare you.
5. Our bad drivers run red lights. NYC bad drivers almost run over innocent pedestrians with the right-of-way.
4. Our pedestrians j-walk when the streets aren't busy. NYC pedestrians j-walk to race with traffic.
3. Our cops look suspicious when they carry tasers. NYC cops DON'T look suspicious toting AK47s (I kid you not! They're right outside of my hotel!)
2. Our traffic moves slowly. NYC traffic doesn't move.
1. Our citizens are polite(for the most part, anyways)! NYC citizens...

Now please, don't think that I hate NYC. When I came to the city, I was hopeful as a bright eyed-child on her first trip to the zoo, or some other such place. I'm just totally bummed that it's not living up to my expectations. The movies are to blame!

Fashion U Day 1

The fashion show was unimpressive. There were only two designers that caught my attention. The rest were merely decent.

For some reason, I didn't connect with anyone there. I tried to approach this one blond girl, and was snubbed completely! So for the most part I just sort of kept to myself and enjoyed the concert (The Whigs were awesome! I bought their CD. It's called Mission Impossible. Be sure to check it out!). Overall, the event was boring and unmemorable.

Out in the streets

My brother and I walked home from the show, which was on 11th Street, between 3rd and 4th, back to our hotel, which is smack dab in the middle of Time Square. The walk didn't take too long, and was fun until we started to get back into the tourist part. That part was excruciating. I hated having to force myself through the crowds. It was as though I were trying to swim upstream.

Anyways, now my feet are killing me and I'm in desperate need of a cold drink. I'm hoping that tomorrow will be better than today.


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