Sunday, October 12, 2008

Progress on Schools

So last night I unofficially decided that I might go to Waterloo to study English Rhetoric and Professional Writing, along with French and Spanish. I'm really curious to see how long this decision lasts for.

Style Mob
Last night at around 2 am, I joined this site called I must say, at first I thought it to be some superficial site where hipsters post pictures of themselves to receive praise. Well, in a way it is, but it's also so much more. There are forums where people can get advice, plenty of good inspiration, and, luckily for me, viewers can actually give "constructive criticism" for outfits that they don't like. It's a fun site, but being on it has made me realize that I don't have any photos that show off my style. I'll try to get on that.

New Job Alert!
Recently I went to a group job interview at the Gap, a store that I'm starting to like now that Patrick Robinson is at the helm. Even more recently I was offered the job as a Sales Associate. I accepted. I start next week, apparently, and I need to come in looking "Gap-like". I'm not quite sure what that means, which is the problem.

Usually, my style is a little bit off, and not as all-American as the Gap's image, so I don't know if my wardrobe will be able to provide me with 4 different outfits a week that fit into the Gap mold. I guess this is why they offer a discount to employees. That Gap look isn't cheap! Luckily for me, their newest collection is just as delicious as their fall collection. In particular, I'm loving this button-down, high-waisted skirt, and their brown, leather bomber jacket.

Coupe Bizarre

Last Saturday at Nuit Blanche, a contemporary art thing held annually in Toronto, I volunteered to be part of a performance art piece, where a person would cut the hair of volunteers in this sort of box and photographers would take pictures through the door of the box and a hole in one of the box's walls.
I wasn't anticipating that he would cut all of my hair off. I went in with hair that was shoulder-length and left with hair that doesn't even touch my neck. At first, I was shocked and a bit mortified, thinking that it looked horrible, despite the reassurance of my mother, one of my friends, and several strangers who I'd asked for their opinion.

Now, a week later, I've grown to love my new cut! I really want to get a picture of my hair up soon! Before it was very patrician - immaculately styled, very average. I mean, I even had the typical brunette shade. Now, it's edgy and fun and really seems to suit me.
Alright. That's all!

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  1. Why hello miss thang, glad to see you have started a blog! I will be sure to add you to my blogroll. And get a pic up of your hair cut will ya? :)

    I have turned against the Gap, but yes, I do agree with you, I was ecstatic to hear that Patrick is doing the damn thing. Looks like I will have to mosey on in and see what's cooking over at the Gap.


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