Friday, October 31, 2008

He did the Mash

Happy Halloween! Well, it would be were this not my first year without a costume. I'm devastated. I was just too busy to find one during these past few weeks. I even planned to whip something up quickly this morning but, as luck would have it, I forgot to set my alarm clock and ended up strolling into Law 40 minutes late (which wasn't such a bad thing...). But it sucks. I really wanted to dress up. I guess I should probably start looking/sewing now if I want to have a kick-ass costume for next year.

Inflated like a zeppelin

I'm feeling really confidant right now about my writing. I've been doing extremely well in Writers Craft and producing some articles for my school's e-zine (I'm the Editor, by the way) that I'm really proud of. I feel that over the past year I have progressed in leaps and bounds as an author and a journalist, which just makes my heart smile! I've been writing since the days when I bobbed around in cow-covered turtlenecks, so it's awesome to have finally reached the point where others are commending my efforts. But this is only the beginning. I need to focus on building a solid portfolio if I intend to a) work for Vogue and b) make a living off of my fiction. Baby steps, honey. Baby steps...

Do you hear the people sing?

My school is putting on a musical this spring and I could not be more thrilled! This is the first musical that my school has performed in something like 8 years! When I went to a performing arts school, we were all obsessed with musical theatre. I performed in a few myself and my CD collection has a great stock of musical soundtracks. The musical is actually one written by one of my school's music teachers. This would usually set off a few alarms in my head, but he's actually brilliant when it comes to producing brilliant arrangements and really knows how to bring the most out of the vocalists that he's working with.

Oh, and I totally plan to try out.


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