Friday, October 31, 2008

He did the Mash

Happy Halloween! Well, it would be were this not my first year without a costume. I'm devastated. I was just too busy to find one during these past few weeks. I even planned to whip something up quickly this morning but, as luck would have it, I forgot to set my alarm clock and ended up strolling into Law 40 minutes late (which wasn't such a bad thing...). But it sucks. I really wanted to dress up. I guess I should probably start looking/sewing now if I want to have a kick-ass costume for next year.

Inflated like a zeppelin

I'm feeling really confidant right now about my writing. I've been doing extremely well in Writers Craft and producing some articles for my school's e-zine (I'm the Editor, by the way) that I'm really proud of. I feel that over the past year I have progressed in leaps and bounds as an author and a journalist, which just makes my heart smile! I've been writing since the days when I bobbed around in cow-covered turtlenecks, so it's awesome to have finally reached the point where others are commending my efforts. But this is only the beginning. I need to focus on building a solid portfolio if I intend to a) work for Vogue and b) make a living off of my fiction. Baby steps, honey. Baby steps...

Do you hear the people sing?

My school is putting on a musical this spring and I could not be more thrilled! This is the first musical that my school has performed in something like 8 years! When I went to a performing arts school, we were all obsessed with musical theatre. I performed in a few myself and my CD collection has a great stock of musical soundtracks. The musical is actually one written by one of my school's music teachers. This would usually set off a few alarms in my head, but he's actually brilliant when it comes to producing brilliant arrangements and really knows how to bring the most out of the vocalists that he's working with.

Oh, and I totally plan to try out.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Snow is falling all around...

Well, not yet, but it's bound to start up soon. Today was cold and it looks as though Halloween will be the same. Shit.


I'm competitive, but there are some things that I won't leave up to chance. It's stupid and crazy and will only end in disappointment. In this case, it's my trip to France. Both my brother and I want to go, but it looks as though my Dad will only be paying for one of us if we can't come up with a solution. And we'd need to compete for the spot. Which is ridiculous. Anything that actually matters or pertains to France or French, I could win. But instead, there have been suggestions that other totally non-France related things should be the deciding factor. This is ludicrous.

Snow is falling all around
Seven o'clock and the roads are blocked
So I walk downtown
There's no one around

The streets are dark and there's no one about
I wander home and all the, the lights are out

These are lyrics from the awesome song by The Specials (my favourite ska band) called Blank Expression. Look it up. It's brill.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New York, I love you

Guess who's back?

Canada's most beloved fashionista is finally back in her home and native land and is she ever glad!

Looking back on my last post, I was very, very unfair to New York City. I actually love it now. I think it's the fact that it was my first night that influenced my views so negatively. So NYC, I'M SORRY! You are a wonderful, albeit dirty and overpopulated city with a lot to offer. I hope to go back soon. I'm thinking of getting an internship there over the summer, either at a design studio or a magazine. We'll see.

Fashion U Recap

Okay. Here we go:

Tory Burch Seminar: Though she's stunning for a mother of three, she didn't seem very relatable, primarily due to the fact that she went on and on about her family's wealth yet tried to make it seem as though she had a long and difficult path to success. Also, I didn't like that when she began her foray into fashion, she did so with a complete lifestyle brand and retail store. Those kinds of things just seem like cash grabs to me, especially when the person heading the initiative has to extreme experience in the production of any of the goods that they're choosing to sell.

The Editors Seminar: Infinitely useful! They were all interesting and had distinct personalities. They answered questions frankly, never trying to get our hopes to high, or painting some sort of unrealistic picture. I even managed to get the e-mail addresses of two of the editors, in case I had any questions or wanted to apply for an internship.

Peter Som: I like him! He was so friendly and friendly. He walked us through the creative and production processes, showing his own sketches and garments as examples. He was also really funny, which I liked.

Proenza Schouler: Brilliant. They [designers Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McColl] were so funny and laid-back, not to mention very cute. They had a lot of cute anecdotes and gave great advice for people looking to get into the world of fashion. But above all, they seemed really genuine and fun. At no point did it seem as though they took themselves too seriously. I loved their designs, and now I love them too.

Okay, that's all for now. I have to go fulfill some domestic duties. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow. xoxo

Friday, October 24, 2008

New York New York: It's Hell in a town!

Them VS Us

My first night in New York has not been fabulous. If anything, it has made me appreciate my home and native land more than ever. Here are the top ten differences between New York City and the place that I'm from.

10. Our water is somewhat blue. NYC water is black.
9. Our city is busy. NYC is bustling.
8. Our Coke is sweet. NYC Coke causes diabetes.
7. Our sidewalks are fairly clean. NYC sidewalks are filled with the overflow of garbage cans.
6. Our bad Sales Associates are incompetent. Bad Sales Associates from NYC scare you.
5. Our bad drivers run red lights. NYC bad drivers almost run over innocent pedestrians with the right-of-way.
4. Our pedestrians j-walk when the streets aren't busy. NYC pedestrians j-walk to race with traffic.
3. Our cops look suspicious when they carry tasers. NYC cops DON'T look suspicious toting AK47s (I kid you not! They're right outside of my hotel!)
2. Our traffic moves slowly. NYC traffic doesn't move.
1. Our citizens are polite(for the most part, anyways)! NYC citizens...

Now please, don't think that I hate NYC. When I came to the city, I was hopeful as a bright eyed-child on her first trip to the zoo, or some other such place. I'm just totally bummed that it's not living up to my expectations. The movies are to blame!

Fashion U Day 1

The fashion show was unimpressive. There were only two designers that caught my attention. The rest were merely decent.

For some reason, I didn't connect with anyone there. I tried to approach this one blond girl, and was snubbed completely! So for the most part I just sort of kept to myself and enjoyed the concert (The Whigs were awesome! I bought their CD. It's called Mission Impossible. Be sure to check it out!). Overall, the event was boring and unmemorable.

Out in the streets

My brother and I walked home from the show, which was on 11th Street, between 3rd and 4th, back to our hotel, which is smack dab in the middle of Time Square. The walk didn't take too long, and was fun until we started to get back into the tourist part. That part was excruciating. I hated having to force myself through the crowds. It was as though I were trying to swim upstream.

Anyways, now my feet are killing me and I'm in desperate need of a cold drink. I'm hoping that tomorrow will be better than today.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

I want you to hear me!

In about 7 hours I'll be leaving for my flight to NYC. I'm very stoked. I just finished packing my stuff, though I still have a few items in the car to shove in and a very competent camera to charge.

Everyone seems to be dressing to impress, and I can't help but hope that I can be equally stylish though somewhat differently dressed. From what I've seen on Facebook, a lot of us have very similar style. I guess there really isn't anything new under the sun...

I would posts pictures, but I don't have my camera. I'll be sure to have someone take a picture while in in NYC getting my style on (what does that even mean?).

Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

My Dad has made me the happiest girl this week by finding not one, but TWO of my favourite soda pops that are typically only available in Europe: Tango Orange and Fanta de Naranja (Orange Fanta). You have no idea how much I've longed for these drinks. They're probably the most delicious sodas in the world. Canada needs to start carrying these. It's a matter of showing international tolerance and improving international relations.

Situation getting hairy...

Yesterday I went to the hair salon and let Gloria, my stylist, have her way with my hair. The result is wonderful. The front is all blond now, but doesn't look at all garish or tacky. She's an artist.

I'm really getting used to this short hair thing. It's so much easier to take care of than long hair, and allows for all sorts of experimentation. I definitely recommend going short for anyone with the right face.

...It's more the way your eyes are laughing and they glance across the great divide...
Pump it

9:00 tomorrow morning I will be on a plane to New York City; the Big Apple; the NYC; The City That New Sleeps. I'm starting to get excited, but you'd never know that from looking at me. I'm so tired and just zoned out that I look like any movement at all would be the death of me.

I have this box of chocolate-covered almonds, I'm warm, and chill, and someone is telling me a funny story. I'm so glad that I have four days of fashion-related fun away from school. Yes, I'm feeling good.

These almonds taste so delicious. Yumm. I hope that the food in New York is just as savory.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Take a picture, it'll last longer

So on Wednesday I'm meeting up with my friend Valerie, who just happens to be a gifted photographer. She wants to take pictures of some of my fantastic shoes. Then I need to provide her with paragraphs that explain an interesting story behind them. That should be fun. No one has weirder or cooler stories than me when it comes to shoes. God, I have done some interesting things in my shoes...

Valerie is an excellent photographer and I know that the pictures will be excellent. She's using them as part of an assignment. She's the one who took the awesome pictures that were part of my Fashion U application. She's also a great friend and so darn entertaining. A lovely girl, really. 

Risky business

I need to take more risks. I need to get out there and do some crazy things before I'm too old to do so without pulling a hernia. I'm not sure what. Hopefully it'll come to me. 


Wednesday is half-day at my school, so I finish at about 10 am. I think I'll do some baking that day. Brownies...always a delightful experience.  
Where's my head at?

I'm at school right now and my head is killing me. We had to leave the house and 6:50 am so that my brother could get here on time. Urgh. And I think I'm going through blindness spells. My eyes are that tired. I'm sure that I would go completely blind if I stepped into the sunlight. Apparently occasional deafness runs on my dad's side of the family (well, for the men anyways. Not sure about girls. I'm one of two girls in 5 generations!)

Money worries

I've decided that I need to find a way to make a lot of money with minimal efforts. So far my solutions are winning the lottery and robbing a bank, both of which seem rather unlikely. I guess doing minimal work isn't too bad. I'll see if anyone will pay me to write for them. What's the word? Copy writing? Something like that. I'll look it up when I get home.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A man will chase a woman until the woman catches him

The chase is only fun for so long. Eventually people give up, and move on to something more attainable. So, if you are the one being chased, make sure that you don't want to be caught before the other person loses interest for good! And if you do want to be caught, make sure that you're worth the chase, otherwise you might have to suffer some embarrasing consequences.

Another useful lesson from Gossip Girl.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Like a boy

On November 13th H&M will begin to sell their limited edition collection designed by Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons. I'm stoked. I never would have guessed in a million years that I would be able to own a part of the CDG dream before I had a full-time job but, like an angel working on God's benevolant behalf, H&M has granted my wish. The collection is dark, unique, and intriquitely tailored. Yes, some of it looks a little cheap and sloppy to me ( a lot of it tries to go for that deconstructed, baggy look), but the majority of what I've seen looks great. If the line's release is anything like the release of their collection by Roberto Cavalli, we'll all need to line up nice and early with our Nike Shox and elbow pads if we want to leave the store in one piece and, more importantly, get a piece of the magic. For Ontarians: the collection will only be available at the Yorkville and Eaton Centre locations.

So live your life

Every now and then you learn something new about yourself. Wait, that's not right. Let me try again.

Every now and then you're forced to acknowledge something about yourself that you either never noticed or never wanted to acknowledge before. When you finally do, accept whatever it is that you've found out, and get back to living your life.

It's hip to be square

Last night I watched a CNN special on the "fall of the fat cats" that we're observing during this financial crisis. To be honest, I don't feel any intense pity for any of the people on Wall Street, the people who decided to trust them with their money, or the people who are suffering because they chose to purchase items on credit that they could not afford. Firstly, money earned through investments is not hard-earned money. When you decide to play with fire, you need to be able to accept the potential burns. You can't be upset because you played the game and didn't win. That's part of the gamble. Secondly, it's about time that our society gets our heads around the fact that sometimes it's better to do without than to use imaginary money to pay for things. This is what we call learning a lesson the hard way. So shame on all of us! Shame! Shame! Shame!

Then we played Scrabble and it was decadent.

First day of work

Today was my first day at the Gap. I went in trying to look very Gap-ish and I think it worked. Basically, I wore what I always wear but without the crazy Chucks, which I now know are actually permitted! I think that I'll enjoy working here. At the beginning of orientation they showed us this awesome video montage of the Gap in previous decades. It made me pumped. It was great. The discount in wonderful.

Hunting for flying lizards

I went to the local HMV to try to order the Flying Lizards' eponymous album, only to be told that the CD had been permanently discontinued. Is that even allowed? I couldn't believe my ears! I was able to order their second CD, but this came as such a demoralizing blow. This means that I'll need to search through obscure record stores for my fix, which I guess isn't necessarily a bad thing. I can't even download the CD on Limewire because nobody has the songs! I guess I'll need to look extra hard in New York. I hear that they have a few record stores there.

On a brighter note, I picked up Uh Huh Her's Common Reaction and Shad's The Old Prince. These should keep me warm for now.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Totally forgot
To say this random thought

I was in Challenge and Change today with awesomesuperfuncrazycoolfunnycrazypervy Mr. McDermott and he was lecturing us about feminism in the 50s and his question was: were they were making it so that people respected women's work (e.g having kids, homemaking, knitting etc.) or making it so that women did what men did? My brain started hurting at this point because my thoughts were just racing into each other and colliding and then oy! what a mess it all makes. I was like, wait a minute: that's a good question! Personally, I think women and men should just be able to do what they want but it doesn't look like that's going to happen ever. And then he just kept asking more and more of these hypothetical questions...

But the whole point is that deep thinking makes my brain hurt.
A lot.
I actually thought I needed to lie down.

But maybe it wasn't the deep thinking?
Maybe I'm just tired because a girl cannot live on 7 hours of sleep a night.

But when I think about anything truly deep and philosophical my brain hurts.
So it must be the thinking.
Does it take more out of your brain when you think more? Is thinking hard mental gymnastics?

But that sounds silly.
I'm speaking like that politically scandalous talking Barbie doll. But I love dolls. And make-up. And knitting. And fashion.
Is there something wrong with me embodiying so much of the feminine stereotype?




I'm capable of abstract thought. I'm just tired.

But that's just me.
Swallow words one by one
Why, Ting Tings? Why must your music be so infectious? As I write this I have 'Great DJ' blaring in my ears and I have to say, that duo has an awesome sound and their songs just stick in your head forever. I love 'That's Not My Name'. Let that be a warning to everyone: don't be shy and anonymous, otherwise you're just asking for awkward moments. In the mean time, check these out:

School Dayz
So today I finally got my application in for the Loran Award, this amazing scholarship granted to Canadian students looking to study at one of the major Canadian (or just Ontarian?) universities. It's valued at something like $16, 000 a year, which is incredible. That's 90% of tuition and residence fees paid off with one check. But competition is stiff. The winners are typically people who started charities when they were twelve or taught the blind how to play the piano.

Today I finished filling out my Millennium Excellence Award scholarship application. It didn't take that long since I already had many of the answers finished because it had many questions in common with the Loran Award application. I think that my chances are pretty good with this one. Why? Well, my beloved friend Sidra said so, and her word is gospel. Well, when it comes to scholarships anyways.

I don't know why I seem the be the only one of my friends who is focusing on scholarships. I guess they're all having trouble finding ones this early because most of the early ones are for leadership and community involvement. Their time will come.

Fashion U

Teen Vogue Fashion University is a mere week away and, as should be expected, my excitement is mounting by the hour! I still need to 1) get my camera from my mother's house, 2) look up the weather in New York City for this time of year and 3) decide what I'll be wearing. If I don't decide this weekend I'll end up carting off nothing but a dufflebag full of laundry and a stick of Tide-to-go.

On Friday some of the girls and I are going to Carmines for dinner before The Whigs concert and then we're going to Max Brenner for dessert. How will you be able to recognize us? We'll be the impeccably dressed young women in killer heels and vintage dresses pretending to be old friends. If you're lucky enough to be going, I look forward to seeing you! If not, there's always next year. Besides, I plan to post plenty of pictures!

Tomorrow I'm being dragged out of bed at 9:00 am so that I can meet the wonderful girls on Prom Committee at 10:30 am so that we can look at halls for almost five hours. I hope this goes well and that Shanell doesn't mind me sleeping in her car when we're in tranist. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

Our prom theme is Shakespeare which thrills me because it was my idea. I love when things are big and theatrical, so I know that this theme will be perfect. That is, unless our funding remains limitied and impossible to work with. Well, it's still early so we have plenty of time to fundraise.
Okay, good night. Allyssia loves you.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I just want back in your head...
Okay, these songs have been in my head all day. Check them out on Youtube. I'm sure that, just like virtually every other song, you'll find them there.
  • Womanizer - Britney Spears

I hated the song at first but, after hearing it again and seeing the smoking hot music video, I was addicted. It's fun, it's up tempo, and I guess it has a good message? Don't believe me? Yeah, I guess I wouldn't either.

  • Teenage Kicks - Nouvelle Vague

A great cover. I love the bossa-nova/new wave sound that this band produces. They're CDs are constantly in rotation on my CD player or my iPod. I hop that they come up with another album soon.

  • The Creeps (Get on the Dancefloor) - [The] Freaks

A girl that I got to know really well when I was in Spain got me hooked on this song. It's a great song to dance to in the mirror to.

  • Back In Your Head - Tegan and Sara

I have no idea why this is in my head. There's just one line that keeps playing over and over again in my head: I'm not unfaithful but I'll stray. Classic.

Will sing for shoes!
Okay, I know they're way out of my budget, but I was on the Saks website and could not resist gawking at these beautiful Louboutins. So as the title says, I'll sing you a pretty little song if you'll give me a pair of these in return!

As you can see, I have a thing for black footwear. I think that, ultimately, a well-made, gorgeous black shoe is the ultimate accessory. Why? Well firstly, black goes with everything. Secondly, a simple black shoe is a lot easier to transition from season to season that, say, a pink, patent leather, rhinestone-encrusted pair of thigh-high boots. Or Uggs.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rolling on the floor laughing my fucking ass off

See? It doesn't sound so nice when you don't use the acronym!

Anyways, I found these literally minutes after I posted my rant on hipsters. They're funny. Maybe not rotflmao funny, but worthy of a few half-hearted chuckles at the very least. Enjoy!

School progress

A representative from the University of Toronto came to our school today to try to convince us to spend up to twenty grand a year at their prestigious haven for scholarly thought. I wasn't convinced, to say the least. The presentation was made more painful by the fact that the rep spoke with an upward inflection at the end of each phrase. Note to rep: not everything needs to be stated as a question.

Oh, and I think I want to go to Queens. It's stunning and has an excellent reputation. Let's see how long THIS lasts for!

Wisdom Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't.

I read this quote today. I don't remember who said it, but I really find it to be appropriate. I don't think that any of us ever don't know what we should or want to do. Asking for advice is merely a way of battling out our contrasting views until we come to the conclusion that we want without having to go throw the inner turmoil that comes with thinking it out in our heads. Because it hurts. A lot. I know this from experience. I've actually had head aches from thinking thing through too much. That's why I've tried to do it less often. I'm not the most zen person you'll ever meet, but I've been trying to just go with the flow and follow my heart, as cheesy and ridiculous as that may sound.

But still, I ask for advice anyways! Oh, how I wish that I could stop! After reading this quote, I can't even justify doing it.

Take a dip hipsters!

Is it just me, or have the hipsters completely taken over the world? Now I can't leave the house without seeing waifish guys and gals in colourful American Apparel garb, "witty" T-shirts, ironically hideous cardigans/grandpa sweaters, and unhealthily skinny jeans. Or worse: afghans! For those of you who don't know, afghans have a political meaning! They are more than just a cool piece of cloth to wear with your Deep-Vs! So stop!
I don't know what it is that totally bugs me about hipsters, or indie snobs, as my friends and I like to call them. I think it's the fact that they, in general, seem to think that they're so creative and innovative, and going against the grain when. From simple observation, it should be clear to all of them that this is not the case at all! In their attempts to appear as non-conformists and unique individuals, they're become conformists themselves. And they refuse to admit this!

But some people liken hipster style the hippies, the beatniks, or the flappers before them. This could not be farther from the truth! Those actually meant something! The hippies were making a statement against the war and the pro-military sentiments of the 1960s. The beatniks were rebelling against the materialism that took over society in the 1950s. The flappers were lashing out against pre-WWI ideals. What are the hipsters doing? Nothing! They merely appropriate the styles and influences of these movements and other similar ones to create their own brand of meaningless consumerism! (*cough*Urban Outfitters*cough*)

I know, you must be thinking that I'm a pretentious 'hater'. Let me get this straight:

I happen to know some very nice ones. I'm not saying that they should change their style. If anything, I think that they should keep it (hipster boys look so delicious!). I only think that, to preserve an ounce of integrity, they should own up to the fact that no, they aren't being creative or witty or unique with their sense of style and yes.

Oh, and be careful when you leave the house! Vice Magazine might be watching...

BY THE WAY: Check out 'L.E.S Artistes' by Santogold. The ultimate in hipster diss tracks. (Ironically, hipsters seem to love Ms. Santi White)

Monday, October 13, 2008


Allyssia here. Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving, and today is our day off to recoup after last night's festivities. So for all of you who celebrated with family and friends, happy belated Thanksgiving. For those of you celebrating in the US, don't' worry! You're day will come soon, along with a myriad of sales so that you can...have even more to be thankful for? Whatever. All I know is that we don't have Thanksgiving sales here, and Thanksgiving or the day after (Black Friday, maybe?)definitely aren't the biggest shopping days of our year.

*By the way, I was trying to be ironic with the title. I don't really speak that way.


It's almost mid-October and only now am I beginning to think about Halloween. Of all of my friends, I'm probably one of only 3 or 4 who still dress up for this important occasion, which is sad. I remember when we were younger and Halloween was the best day of the year (following our birthdays and Christmas of course!), and we'd all look forward to dawning our witch or [insert predictable costume here] costumes before trick or treating, another tradition that most of us seemed to have abandoned.
Well this year I'm in grade 12, so this is probably the last year that I'll be able to really get into dressing up and go trick or treating, assuming that in university I'll be focusing on my studies instead of banging on doors just outside of the campus demanding candy. Because of this sad fact, I've decided that this must be the greatest Halloween yet. Since I can't have a party (I live miles away from the majority of my friends), I'll just focus all of my energies on finding a stellar costume. I was thinking maybe a show girl, a wench from the Renaissance, or a flapper.I wanted to be Storm but the costume is near impossible to find!

There's this wonderful costume shop in Toronto called Malabar (it's at McCaul and Queen West, for those of you who know the neighbourhood) that I'll probably try to rent my costume from. It might be pricey ($75-100) but I think that the last Halloween of my childhood is worth investing in.

Gossip Girl

I have to admit: I love this show. I love the fashions; the music; the ridiculously unlikely situations; the fact that everyone is hot for some reason; the fact that it glamorizes some very negative things. It's a really entertaining show and, yes, I will be watching it tonight on the CW if my unenlightened family members will let me have my hour of television.

Please don't stop the music

1) I CANNOT find the Flying Lizards CD! I've been looking all summer, and I've yet to find a store with a sales associate who even knows who they are. Am I on glue? Is this band a figment of my imagination? Does anyone have their CD? If so, where did you get it?

2) I'm organizing a concert to raise funds for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada. It's to be called POW!. I'm trying to get some hip, young, fun, colourful, unique bands to perform. If you live close to Toronto, I would look out for tickets at some point early next year. I'm just throwing that out there now. I'll try to keep up to date with the event's progress.

I organized a used clothing/BBQ/bake sale during the spring called Project X123 to raise money for Sunshine Dreams for Kids. We ended up raising $1500 for the charity, which isn't too shabby seeing as it was the first fundraiser that I organized by myself.

Arighty. That's all for tonight. I need to go study for my Spanish test. Oh, and props to me! I didn't mention any of the foolishness going on in my personal life. That, my friends, is what we call restraint and professionalism.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Progress on Schools

So last night I unofficially decided that I might go to Waterloo to study English Rhetoric and Professional Writing, along with French and Spanish. I'm really curious to see how long this decision lasts for.

Style Mob
Last night at around 2 am, I joined this site called I must say, at first I thought it to be some superficial site where hipsters post pictures of themselves to receive praise. Well, in a way it is, but it's also so much more. There are forums where people can get advice, plenty of good inspiration, and, luckily for me, viewers can actually give "constructive criticism" for outfits that they don't like. It's a fun site, but being on it has made me realize that I don't have any photos that show off my style. I'll try to get on that.

New Job Alert!
Recently I went to a group job interview at the Gap, a store that I'm starting to like now that Patrick Robinson is at the helm. Even more recently I was offered the job as a Sales Associate. I accepted. I start next week, apparently, and I need to come in looking "Gap-like". I'm not quite sure what that means, which is the problem.

Usually, my style is a little bit off, and not as all-American as the Gap's image, so I don't know if my wardrobe will be able to provide me with 4 different outfits a week that fit into the Gap mold. I guess this is why they offer a discount to employees. That Gap look isn't cheap! Luckily for me, their newest collection is just as delicious as their fall collection. In particular, I'm loving this button-down, high-waisted skirt, and their brown, leather bomber jacket.

Coupe Bizarre

Last Saturday at Nuit Blanche, a contemporary art thing held annually in Toronto, I volunteered to be part of a performance art piece, where a person would cut the hair of volunteers in this sort of box and photographers would take pictures through the door of the box and a hole in one of the box's walls.
I wasn't anticipating that he would cut all of my hair off. I went in with hair that was shoulder-length and left with hair that doesn't even touch my neck. At first, I was shocked and a bit mortified, thinking that it looked horrible, despite the reassurance of my mother, one of my friends, and several strangers who I'd asked for their opinion.

Now, a week later, I've grown to love my new cut! I really want to get a picture of my hair up soon! Before it was very patrician - immaculately styled, very average. I mean, I even had the typical brunette shade. Now, it's edgy and fun and really seems to suit me.
Alright. That's all!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fashion High School

Les Conformistes
Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that "the virtue in most request is conformity." I could not agree more. As a student, I witness this sort of behaviour, this lust for conformity and quest for belonging at the cost of one's individuality on a regular basis. Is there conformity in high school? Duh. To see this, you need not consider more than high school fashions.

Whether through first-hand experience or courtesy of the media, we have all seen this stale story. We're all familiar with the different cliques and circles dressed almost identically, yet with wide smiles across their faces. We have the Preps, in their Abercrombie couture strutting around like they own the place; the hipsters decked out in "unrecognizable" American Apparel gear and ironic T-shirts; the Scene kids with their heavily lined eyes, bright accessories, piercings, and black shirts, broadcasting to the world which bands are on their iPods.

As much as people try to dismiss the existence of these groups and others, we all know that they exist. Most have of us have probably even tried to fit into one or two groups ourselves. I've just never been one of them. Strange, huh? I've never been able to give myself over to these different groups when it came to fashion. I just could never fully understand why anyone would want to dress just like someone else on purpose! I live in constant fear of the days when I'll show up wearing the same outfit as someone else (this actually happened to me twice this school year. Once with a purple TNA hoodie that I absolutely adored, and again with a striped American Eagle sweatshirt that I received for Christmas. I've since gotten rid of both of them. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. Believe me. I'm working on it.

A Message To You!

For all of the young conformists out there, I have a message. Your conformity disgusts me. All of you, who go out of your way to look just like anyone else, be they your friends, celebrities, or the stars of today's newest TV cult, make my eyes roll and my fists clench. I cannot stand your blatant displays of dependence and insecurity or your desperate desire to belong, or fit it, or be accepted, or whatever it is that you're trying to accomplish.

Believe it or not, there is still something to be said for being yourself and being unique. I know, you're going to tell me that the way you dress is your "own style". That's rubbish, and you know it. Is it then a coincidence that the majority of your friends dress the same way that you do? Do you all just happen to have the same individual style? Rhetorical question. We all know the answer.

There's a place and a time...

Yes, conformity has it's place. I agree that there are some parts of the body that we should all do our best to keep covered, or certain offensive messages that seem funny when you're getting stoned in your buddy's basement that should be kept off of t-shirts. I'm all for conformity is that regard! But that does not mean that we need to conform so utterly and completely. Especially as young people! By the time that we're thirty, most of us will have way less freedom to choose what we wear to work that we have now, as students. So why are we wasting our youths by limiting our creativity to "what everyone else is wearing?" Save the shackles for adulthood, when many of you will have lost your desire to be daring!

Think about it!

Most importantly, conformity often requires that people compromise who they are in order to fit an ideal. Rita Mae Brown once said that "The reward for conformity is that everyone likes you but yourself." Is that a price that you're willing to pay?

To all of you who are yourselves and do not dress in accordance with anyone else intentionally, I commend you. Teach your misguided brethren the art of individuality. If that fails, rant publicly about their lack of uniqueness. Loudly.

So there. These are my views on fashion conformity in schools. If you disagree, that's very unfortunate.

Decisions, decisions


Hey there. My name's Allyssia and I'm a high school student. I live right outside of the grand city of Toronto, Ontario (that's in Canada, for those of you who don't know), and attend a school in a city that is even closer to Toronto.

Fashion and literature are two of my biggest passions. To combine both of these passions and earn a living, I want to become a fashion journalist. After doing that for a while, I want to settle down and travel, write novels, and freelance for magazines and newspapers around the world.
What do I like to do? Well, shopping and writing are obviously among my favourite activities. I also love to sing, and was recently asked to be the lead singer for a band. I'm also really involved in school extracurriculars and love to take on leadership positions.

Well, that's enough for the scholarship application information.

Decisions, decisions

Like most other grade 12 students, I'm currently faced with the challenging task of deciding on a university program. I'm still not 100% sure what I want to study, or where I want to study. It's weird. I know what I want to do, but I don't know how to go about doing it.

I'm sure that I want to start off with a career in fashion journalism. I'm seriously considering studying Journalism so that I can meet this goal. The only problem is that none of the schools that offer Journalism offer the flexibility, environments, or minors that I'm interested in, so I'm trying to come up with another major that would be equally useful.

I really need to buckle down and start visiting schools and asking questions about things that really matter to me. I've had enough of school reps coming to my school to tell us all about meal plans and how well their sports teams are doing.

Teen Vogue Fashion University

13 days from now I'll be on my way to New York City for Teen Vogue's annual Fashion U'! I'm so excited! For three days, I'll be rubbing elbows with industry elite (e.g the editors of Teen Vogue, Proenza Shouler, Jill Stuart, Tory Burch, etc) and other girls and boys who are as interested in the fashion industry as I am. I definitely need to start compiling my list of questions! Hopefully going will give me a better idea of what I should be studying next year, and what steps I should take to reach my goals.

It should be a weekend to remember. When I first heard about it, my thoughts immediately turned to Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar. I don't know if that's a good thing...

Okay, winter is coming on fast, and I still don't have a good pair of winter boots. I've searched through Holt Renfrew and I'm yet to find a suitable pair. I'm really considering going with this pair from Coach. I just don't know how weather-effective they are. Can they handle the harsh Canadian winters?
Oh, and I'm hoping to get my hands on this cute pair of Louboutin ankle boots before it gets to cold for me to wear them. But at almost $900, they're a pretty pricey investment. I guess that's what parents are for.

Idle youth, enslaved to everything...