Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Inflence: It doesn't suck!

Oh me, oh my

On Friday I went to the library in search of books on YSL for my French ISU. After finding what I went looking for, I decided to browse the stacks because a) I was bored and b) I had half an hour to kill. During my browsing what should I stumble upon but 'Influence', a book written by the Olsen twins, the girls who brought us such hits as 'Passport to Paris' and 'New York Minute' (well, maybe 'hits' isn't the right word). With a smirk, I checked it out, eager to see what these skinny rich girls who I didn't really think much of could put together. I was expecting a half-assed group of essays written by them with the help of several high-paid writers explaining their love of shopping or the downside to being billionaires. I expected the worse, and I was wrong.

The Truth

'Influence' is a great coffee table book. The interviews and personal without sacrificing relevance and the photographs are impeccable. The Olsens are clearly very well connected young women!

What stood out to me in this book was the survey that the twins filled out themselves. Titled 'The Proust Survey', its questions actually required some soul-searching and thought. I'll try to write it out, but for now, I'm too lazy.

What can I say? Buy it, borrow it, steal it. Whatever. Just read it. It has its appeals.

To the Olsens: I am sorry for misjugding you. Forgive me.

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