Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Topshop NYC (it's about time!)

Something wicked this way comes!

Whenever I go to Europe, I'm constantly on the lookout for a Topshop. Since my first visit (it was to the location in the Plaza del Sol in Madrid) I've been drawn to their selection of eclectic and feisty merchandise. The store just reeks of a youthful sass that is unlike anything else I've ever experienced. But it always made me sad that my only Topshop experiences were European because, sadly, they haven't opened any stores on this side of the pond. Luckily for me, that's all about to change.

After numerous delays, Topshop will finally be opening its first North American store on on April 2nd ie 9 days from now. Yes, it's in SoHo, NYC ie hours away from Toronto, it's a hell of a lot closer than their next closest location in the UK. Fortunately, I will among the first to break in the new store because I'm going to NYC for the opening! Yessir, in little over a week I will be lacing up my most comfortable pair of Chucks and strapping on my elbow pads to fight through the crowds of hipsters and fashionistas desperate to share part of the dream.

I'm terribly excited, but none of that means anything without you there to share it with me. Haha. Right.


EDIT: God damn this recession! Won't be making the voyage down south due to lack of funds. Merde!

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