Monday, March 2, 2009

Ay, joder...

Dios mio!

I'm having way more trouble than I would ever have anticipated finding a travel partner for this summer. I mean, I've found a few friends that can spend a few days with me when our paths cross, but no one with whom to spend 41 consecutive days. This is not good.
Maybe it's wrong of me to expect my friends to be able to travel. I mean, with university looming so close ahead, is it not reasonable for them to be trying to scrimp and save? Reasonable: yes. Convenient for me: not so much.

I myself am fine with the idea of traveling through Europe alone. I don't intend to be involved with any nefarious activities or stalk through the slums late at night. It's just that my father has absolutely forbidden me from going sans partenaires de voyage, alors je suis un peu fucked right now. Hopefully someone will turn up, and I will not have to enjoy Europe through the pages of a Lonely Planet book.

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