Friday, January 23, 2009

Never put off to tomorrow..

...what you can do tomorrow :P I'm sure you can put it off longer than that. But today I decided to something different. I actually did today something that I could off until February 2nd. Today I handed my application to Ryerson's School of Journalism early. Impressive, non? Bien que je sois contente de l'avoir fait, I can not help but feel a bit nervous. From what I've read, 1500 students apply and only 135 students get in. If this didn't make me feel nervous enough, I also found out that the number of applications to Ontario universities is up by something like 10% this year. Can you spell competition? F-U-C-K.

Silly girl in vintage pearls

From the minute that I got home this afternoon, all that I could think about was finding an internship for the summer. In both the fashion industry and the world of journalism, she who hesitates to intern is lost, so I figure that I might as well start interning as soon as possible. I actually have interned before though. Last summer I worked as a faithful, unpaid "assistant" at House of Spy, a Toronto clothing company. After a summer of cutting, cleaning, tracing, and sewing [on buttons], I really grew to appreciate exactly what it means to work hard!

As I interned at a fashion design place last year, I'm trying to find a magazine to intern at this year. The only problem is that in Toronto, fashion journalism internships aren't exactly springing up like dandelions and I refuse to work for any other type of publication. Luckily, I have family living in NYC (family who, might I add, I didn't know about until last month), so I can also apply for internships there. I know the odds of me getting accepted anywhere without a single year of university experience are slim, but hopefully what I lack in experience I can make up for with moxy (Do people still say 'moxy'? Is 'moxy' spelled 'moxie'??).


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