Friday, January 23, 2009

Evidence that fashion is not just a way of occupying idiots

Fashions come and fashions go, but style reigns eternal. Or something like that. Ughh excuse this lapse in memory. I'm usually pretty good with quotes. Anyways, I'm all for the classics, but there's something so deliciously decadent about indulging in the passing trends that we all know are born to die. This is why there is a fashion industry, but no style industry.

I've read many a fashion blog, but very few have totally absorbed me. This is mostly because they individuals writing them usually spend all of their time critiquing different collections from a pretentious eye or carefully breaking down what's in style. Where's the fun in that? No where. Because it doesn't exist in these worlds. I believe that fashion, though temporary, is about more than what we see on the catwalk. Fashion is what you wear on your back, what you see in the streets, or, if you're in a position similar to my own, what you see walking past you in the school hallways. It shows a feeling, a mood, a statement. It shows a piece of you to the world without opening your mouth. Fashion is not just art or an expensive luxury. It's a part of life.

And herein lays my passion for fashion, if you will. Fashion is something artistic that carries you through life. Fashion is what people first see when they see you; what changes your mood when you're down; an integral part of your memories. Why else would first-day-of-school frocks and wedding gowns have to be so carefully selected? Fashion defines moments in our lives and, on a grander scale, moments in history. Fashion can tell one so much about different periods in time. The pencil-skirts of the forties remind of the rationing periods of WWII. The sack dress dictates the carefree sentiments that followed WWI. The bold patterns and extremes of the sixties weave the tales of rebellion, freedom, and change that shook the world.

So to all of you who believe that all of us who love fashion and want to dedicate our lives to it, think twice before you call us 'stupid' or 'superficial' because in calling us these things, you are only affirming your own ignorance.


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