Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Artsy Fartsy

Blurry evidence that awesome patterns and checks do go well together. 

All's not so quiet on the Ryerson front 

Today I finally got my letter in the mail telling me when my Fashion Design portfolio is due in at Ryerson. It's due on the 20th. This means I have 17 days to get everything finished (can't leave things to the last minute, can I?). I need to speed the @#$% up if I want to be done on time. Agreed? 

Every hot chick with a camera thinks she's a photographer 

Today I stuck myself into that box once again by taking profile pictures of several members of the Juice, my school's e-zine. I have to say, they were looking pretty incredible after I was finished editing them. I'll need to seek permission from my subjects if I wish to post them, but I don't see why they should object. 

I do love photography though. I couldn't care less for taking classes or learning all of the technical stuff though. I just like coming up with cool ideas for pictures and fooling around with my DSLR until I have just the shot I want. 

Writing News 

I got my short story back from Writer's Craft yesterday and, much to my pleasure, I received a near perfect mark (29.5/30 aint bad!). This just thrilled me because writing fiction is sort of my thing, so I was really worried that I wouldn't do well. I don't want to start tooting my own horn so I'll just stop now. 

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